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About Diabetic Care Center

 About Diabetic Care Center

At BSH Diabetic Care center we provide a Holistic approach for Management of Diabetes and associated illness through multidisciplinary team approach and tailor made treatment programs.

BSH Diabetic Care Center Goal

Ø  Control blood sugar and achieve target blood sugar levels with ease!

Ø  Reduce associated complications such as heart disease and stroke, diabetic retinopathy, kidney diseases and peripheral vascular disease.

Ø  Reduce the complications of pregnancy resulting from diabetes

Ø  Manage other biological indicators in the blood complicating diabetes.

Ø  Provide patient centric treatment plan and improve lifestyle.

BSH Diabetic Care Center Services

Ø  Outpatient diabetes management

Ø  Inpatient diabetes management

Ø  Diabetes education

Ø  Personalized nutrition and exercise prescriptions

Ø  Lifelong management program


BSH Diabetic Care Center Treatment

Ø  Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus IDDM

Ø  Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus NIDDM

Ø  Diabetes with & without complications such as:

·         Micro vascular complications- Neuropathy/Retinopathy/Nephropathy


·         Macro vascular complications- Cardiovascular Vascular diseases/Cerebrovascular disease/Peripheral Vascular disease/Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease


Ø  Gestational Diabetes




BSH Diabetic Care Center Multidisciplinary Team

Ø  Endocrinologists

Ø  Internal Medicine

Ø  Ophthalmologist

Ø  Cardiologist

Ø  Nephrologist

Ø  Neurologist

Ø  Dental

Ø  Dieticians

Ø  Exercise Management Therapist

Ø  Counselors and Diabetes Educators

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