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Bahrain Specialist Hospital Airport Clinic

BSH Airport Clinic at Bahrain International Airport New Passenger Terminal



 This facility is fully equipped to offer more than urgent and primary care; travelers can consult with BSH Clinicians regarding chronic conditions and travel-related illnesses; seek advice on required vaccinations to take when travelling to a new country; undergo basic health checkups, and even order prescription medication.

The Bahrain Specialist Hospital - Airport Clinic pharmacy is linked directly to the main BSH Hospital Pharmacy in Juffair. While BSH Airport Pharmacy will stock most of the common medications, any specific medications required can also be arranged.

The Airport Medical facility is staffed with highly experienced healthcare workers and ensures that travelers are given the same quality of care for which Bahrain Specialist Hospital is known for in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

A team of dedicated healthcare professionals will be available at the BSH -Airport Clinic around the clock to offer medical services to passengers and airport staff, and will also act as first medical responders in case of emergencies.

Bahrain Specialist Hospital also has entered into strategic tie-ups with major Insurance companies and stakeholders including Airport Authority, Airport Operations, Airlines, Cargo & Shipping and Airport Security to offer seamless healthcare delivery.



Urgent and Primary Care

Travel Medicine

Occupational Health

Online Consultation

Medical Tourism

Clinical Support

Ambulance Support

Covid 19 Testing Facility


BSH Airport Clinic - Departure Gate No.19
BSH Airport Clinic – Arrival Level 0ne; Gate No. 20-21
BSH Airport Clinic (Main facility) - Level Zero (Ground Floor)

Phone Number - 17138777



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