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Center of Excellence for Bone & Joint Care

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The Bone & Joint Center at Bahrain Specialist Hospital is one of our three Centers of Excellence. The center boast of an elite team of Doctors compromising of highly qualified Orthopedic surgeons, Back Pain & Spine Surgeons, Deformity specialist and Physiotherapists renowned for their training, education, expertise and experience in the field.

The Bone & Joint Center at Bahrain Specialist Hospital focuses on four specific treatment areas:

  • Joint Replacement - In a joint replacement procedure, the arthritic joint is replaced with a prosthesis made of metal, ceramic, or plastic designed for the joint for movement and to function normally. There are three major joint replacement surgeries performed namely the hip, shoulder and knee. The ankle, wrist, shoulder, and elbow can also be subjects of surgery.
  • General Orthopedics - General Orthopedic needs are managed with non-surgical/medical management. We offer the skills and expertise to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate and prevent conditions related to other major bones and joints. Our team works closely with physical and occupational therapists, as well as primary care and Rehabilitation specialist.

Clinical specialties include:

  1. + Arthritis
  2. + Joint pain
  3. + Sports injuries
  4. + Fractures
  5. + Torn ligaments, tendons, spastic muscles
  1. + Back pain
  2. + Hand and foot problems
  3. + Musculoskeletal wellness
  4. + Injections
  5. + congenital skeletal deformities, and deformities to the bones and joints



Sports Medicine

A sports injury can happen from repetitive action at any time. An injury which occurred earlier can also flare up. This has to be treated without being ignored. You want the best and most advanced treatment available to recover fast so that your athletic career, your dream of wining the Olympic gold could be fulfilled.

BSH Interdisciplinary Sports Medicine set up offers comprehensive assessment and management of sports related injuries from multiple viewpoints based on diverse education, training and experiences

Orthopedic Rehabilitation- Maximum Mobility in minimum time

Orthopedic Surgery requires careful pre and post-surgery management by experienced Nursing and Physiotherapist to make sure you recover faster, with least complications and achieve maximum results.

Our goal orientated, evidence based coordinated care programs are designed to treat functional impairments and pain post-surgery for early mobilization. We guarantee one on one care and attention……… always!

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