Centres of Excellence

Brain Surgery Center

Neurosurgery is a highly advanced field of medicine that requires rigorous super-specialty training. The brain surgery (cranial neurosurgery) center is one of the major centers of excellence for the brain and spine. It provides a comprehensive neurosurgical service covering a full range of neurosurgical pathologies, including all cranial conditions. We are happy and proud to offer both simple and complex neurosurgical services under one roof. We have specialized nursing and rehabilitation teams, as well. In addition to serving the local population, it also provides a national and international service for more specialized neurosurgical problems. There is a separate spine department also.

The incidence of stroke, traumatic head injury, and brain tumors has been increasing worldwide. The various neurosurgical conditions can cause high degrees of disability and even mortality if not managed appropriately on time. Many such situations can be avoided by providing adequate care. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care equivalent to the world standards and keep patient safety our ultimate priority. Our brain surgery center aims to provide the highest-quality neurosurgical care – the same level of care we would want for ourselves or our loved ones.

Scope of services span from diagnosis and management of all neurosurgical conditions including the following:

Hemorrhagic stroke (intracerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage)

Cerebral aneurysms 

Cerebral arteriovenous malformations

Brain tumors (including gliomas and meningiomas) – both adult and pediatric

Intractable epilepsy


Cysts in the brain

Facial pain

Chiari malformation

Head injuries



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