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Thank you for visiting our patient portal. The portal allows you to view your medical records such as lab results, x-ray reports, and a summary of your care. Please do not use the portal for emergency communications with the hospital. This Patient Portal is not intended to replace an office visit.

If you are inquiring about a change in your clinical situation such as new pain, fever, wound problems, numbness, weakness, shortness of breath or any other new or worsening symptom or a medical emergency, do NOT email your inquiry. Instead contact the Emergency office by phone (17812111) or call 999. Only in this way can we insure timely responses to your questions. Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a phone call only, not through email. We cannot accept pain medication requests, prescription renewals, or new medication requests via email at this time. This hospital messaging system is not monitored continuously, or on the weekends, nights or holidays.

To contact EMERGENCY, please use the following number: 17812111


To activate your BSH patient portal, please contact 17812222. An SMS will be sent to your mobile with your login information.

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