Dr. Chandramouli Godada

Specialist Pediatrician

Dedicated Pediatrician Well –Versed In Executing Physical Examinations,Vaccinations And At Ease Of Managing Pediatric & Neonatal Emergencies Demonstrated Over 13 Years Of Experience In Pediatric Practice. Experienced Of Work In Inpatient And Outpatient Facilities Performing Clinical Care As Well As Medical Procedures. Trained In One Of The top Institutes In India . Trained And Updated In Life Saving Courses (BLS/ PALS/ NRP). Updated With Recent Advances And Practicing Evidence Based Medicine In The Management Of Pediatric &Neonatal Illnesses.


  • MBBS, MD, D.Ch

Languages Known:

English, Hindi, Telugu

Scope of Services:

  • Managing Pediatric and Neonatal emergencies
  • Managing Outpatient and Inpatient services
  • Attending Neonatal Resuscitation for deliveries and caesarian section
  • Providing immunization vaccines for different children age groups.
  • Monitoring the growth and development of children.

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