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Back Pain & Spine Surgery

This is a specialized clinic at Bahrain Specialist Hospital dedicated to the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of adult and pediatric back pain and spinal disorders. We provide a systematic approach that includes: efficient evaluation, focus on function and quality of life for patients along with the most effective treatment.

Using state of the art technology and facilities, we focus on providing the best and least invasive solution on a case to case basis. If you are suffering from spine related pain, or concerned about a nagging pain that has been around for years, we would be happy to see you and help restore function, and decrease pain.

The Back pain and Spine Surgeon at Bahrain Specialist Hospital provide patients with the latest, most innovative, most effective non-surgical and surgical treatments available for patients with degenerative disease, spine deformity, spine tumor, infections and spinal cord injury. We provide individualized care and focus on educating patients about their neurological conditions and spine-related pain and treatment options. Innovative skills, extensive preparation and in-depth knowledge of anatomy and surgery, enables us to offer safe and effective treatment for a wide range of painful and debilitating conditions of the spine.

Department Doctors

  • Dr. Farouq A. Al-Hamdan

    Senior Consultant Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Director - Spine Science Institute, Washington

    Back Pain & Spine Surgery

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