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Centres of Excellence


The Department of Pediatrics offers child care from birth until 13 years of age in safe and friendly environment. Our team of health professionals with wide range of pediatric training, skills and experience offers special environment and care for children.

Our well-equipped modern and child friendly clinics offer a soothing and comfortable environment for treatment of a variety of:

  • Acute and chronic illnesses of infancy, childhood and adolescence.
  • Children are given vaccinations
  • Assessed for their growth and development, and
  • Screened for any vision or hearing problems in addition to the provision of age-appropriate preventive guidance regarding nutrition, lifestyle and health maintenance issues.

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are equipped and staffed by the most experienced and highly qualified neonatologists and nurses who provide care to meet the needs of healthy and sick or premature newborns. The nurses and doctors communicate extensively with parents at each and every stage of pediatric care. Our dedicated staff always assures a pleasant stay at the hospital for children.

Department Doctors

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